Importing Reaktoro#

Written by Allan Leal (ETH Zurich) on Jan 4th, 2022


Always make sure you are using the latest version of Reaktoro. Otherwise, some new features documented on this website will not work on your machine and you may receive unintuitive errors. Follow these update instructions to get the latest version of Reaktoro!

Reaktoro can be used via C++ or Python. We will detail below how this can be accomplished using Python only.

Assuming you have installed Reaktoro correctly, you can import the reaktoro package in either a Python script or Jupyter Notebook:

import reaktoro

Throughout this user guide, we will instead use one of the following import statements:

import reaktoro as rkt


from reaktoro import *

Once we do this in a Python script or Jupyter Notebook, we obtain access to all Reaktoro’s library components.


You might want to check out Reaktoro’s C++ API Reference to find out all these library components (e.g. ChemicalSystem, ChemicalState, ChemicalProps, and many more). Since Reaktoro’s Python and C++ interfaces are nearly identical, this C++ API reference should be useful to you.

Keep reading. More interesting stuff in the next sections!