Importing Reaktoro

Importing Reaktoro

Written by Allan Leal (ETH Zurich) on Jan 4th, 2022

Reaktoro can be used via C++ or Python. We will detail below how this can be accomplished using Python only.

Assuming you have installed Reaktoro correctly, you can import the reaktoro package in either a Python script or Jupyter Notebook:

import reaktoro

Throughout this user guide, we will instead use one of the following import statements:

import reaktoro as rkt


from reaktoro import *

Once we do this in a Python script or Jupyter Notebook, we obtain access to all Reaktoro’s library components.


You might want to check out Reaktoro’s C++ API Reference to find out all these library components (e.g. ChemicalSystem, ChemicalState, ChemicalProps, and many more). Since Reaktoro’s Python and C++ interfaces are nearly identical, this C++ API reference should be useful to you.

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