Reaktoro  v2.11.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
SmartKineticsResult Struct Reference

Used to describe the result of a smart chemical kinetics calculation. More...

#include <SmartKineticsResult.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SmartKineticsResult ()=default
 Construct a default SmartKineticsResult object.
 SmartKineticsResult (SmartEquilibriumResult const &other)
 Construct a SmartKineticsResult object from a SmartEquilibriumResult one.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SmartEquilibriumResult
auto succeeded ()
 Return true if the calculation succeeded.
auto failed ()
 Return true if the calculation failed.
auto predicted ()
 Return true if the calculation was performed using a fast first-order Taylor prediction.
auto learned ()
 Return true if the calculation was learned, not predicted, and performed using the conventional algorithm.
auto iterations ()
 Return the number of iterations in the calculation (zero if prediction was successful).
auto operator+= (const SmartEquilibriumResult &other) -> SmartEquilibriumResult &
 Self addition assignment to accumulate results.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SmartEquilibriumResult
SmartEquilibriumResultDuringPrediction prediction
 The result of the smart approximation operation.
SmartEquilibriumResultDuringLearning learning
 The result of the learning operation (if there was learning).
SmartEquilibriumTiming timing
 The timing information of the operations during a smart chemical equilibrium calculation.

Detailed Description

Used to describe the result of a smart chemical kinetics calculation.

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