Reaktoro  v2.11.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
MemoizationTraits< Eigen::Ref< EigenType > > Struct Template Reference

Specialize MemoizationTraits for Eigen ref types. More...

#include <Matrix.hpp>

Public Types

using Type = Eigen::Ref< EigenType >
using CacheType = typename MemoizationTraits< Decay< EigenType > >::CacheType

Static Public Member Functions

static auto equal (const CacheType &a, const Type &b)
 Return true if the two Eigen objects are equal.
static auto assign (const CacheType &a, const Type &b)
 Assign an Eigen ref object to an Eigen object.

Detailed Description

template<typename EigenType>
struct Reaktoro::MemoizationTraits< Eigen::Ref< EigenType > >

Specialize MemoizationTraits for Eigen ref types.

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