Reaktoro  v2.9.4
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
KineticsOptions Struct Reference

The options for chemical kinetics calculation. More...

#include <KineticsOptions.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 KineticsOptions ()
 Construct a default KineticsOptions object.
 KineticsOptions (EquilibriumOptions const &other)
 Construct a KineticsOptions object from a EquilibriumOptions one.

Public Attributes

double dt0 = 1e-6
 The time step used for preconditioning the chemical state when performing the very first chemical kinetics step.
- Public Attributes inherited from EquilibriumOptions
Optima::Options optima
 The options for the optimisation solver.
double epsilon = 1e-16
 The default lower bound for the amounts of the species.
double logarithm_barrier_factor = 1.0
 The value multiplied by epsilon to compute the logarithm barrier penalty parameter \(\tau\).
bool warmstart = true
 The flag indicating if warm-start strategy should be used when possible. More...
bool use_ideal_activity_models = false
 The flag indicating if ideal activity models should be used in the calculations.
GibbsHessian hessian = GibbsHessian::PartiallyExact
 The calculation mode of the Hessian of the Gibbs energy function.

Detailed Description

The options for chemical kinetics calculation.

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