Reaktoro  v2.6.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
PhreeqcDatabase Member List

This is the complete list of members for PhreeqcDatabase, including all inherited members.

addElement(Element const &element) -> voidDatabase
addSpecies(Species const &species) -> voidDatabase
addSpecies(Vec< Species > const &species) -> voidDatabase
attachData(Any const &data) -> voidDatabase
attachedData() const -> Any const &Database
clear() -> voidDatabase
contents(const String &name) -> StringPhreeqcDatabasestatic
Database(Database const &other)Database
Database(Vec< Element > const &elements, Vec< Species > const &species)Database
Database(Vec< Species > const &species)Databaseexplicit
element(String const &symbol) const -> Element const &Database
elements() const -> ElementList const &Database
extend(Database const &other) -> voidDatabase
fromContents(const String &contents) -> PhreeqcDatabasePhreeqcDatabasestatic
fromFile(const String &path) -> PhreeqcDatabasePhreeqcDatabasestatic
fromStream(std::istream &stream) -> DatabaseDatabasestatic
load(const String &database) -> PhreeqcDatabase &PhreeqcDatabase
namesEmbeddedDatabases() -> StringsPhreeqcDatabasestatic
operator=(Database other) -> Database &Database
PhreeqcDatabase(const String &name)PhreeqcDatabase
reaction(String const &equation) const -> ReactionDatabase
species() const -> SpeciesList const &Database
species(String const &name) const -> Species const &Database
speciesWithAggregateState(AggregateState option) const -> SpeciesListDatabase
withName(const String &name) -> PhreeqcDatabasePhreeqcDatabasestatic