Reaktoro  v2.9.4
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
Param Member List

This is the complete list of members for Param, including all inherited members.

assign(const Param &other) -> Param &Param
clone() const -> ParamParam
Constant(const real &val) -> ParamParamstatic
id(String id) -> Param &Param
id() const -> const String &Param
isconst(bool val) -> Param &Param
isconst() const -> boolParam
lowerbound(double val) -> Param &Param
lowerbound() const -> doubleParam
operator const real &() constParam
operator double() constParam
operator real &()Param
operator=(double val) -> Param &Param
operator=(const real &val) -> Param &Param
Param(const real &val)Param
Param(double val)Param
Param(const String &id, const real &val)Param
upperbound(double val) -> Param &Param
upperbound() const -> doubleParam
value(const real &val) -> Param &Param
value() const -> const real &Param
value() -> real &Param