Reaktoro  v2.6.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
MineralSurface Member List

This is the complete list of members for MineralSurface, including all inherited members.

areaModel() const -> SurfaceAreaModel const &GeneralSurface
GeneralSurface(String const &name)GeneralSurface
GeneralSurface(String const &name, SurfaceAreaModel const &area_model)GeneralSurface
MineralSurface(String const &mineral)MineralSurfaceexplicit
MineralSurface(String const &mineral, real A, Chars unitA)MineralSurface
MineralSurface(String const &mineral, real A0, Chars unitA0, real q0, Chars unitq0, real p)MineralSurface
name() const -> String const &GeneralSurface
operator()(PhaseList const &phases) const -> SurfaceGeneralSurface
set(SurfaceAreaModel const &model) -> GeneralSurface &GeneralSurface
setAreaModel(SurfaceAreaModel const &model) -> GeneralSurface &GeneralSurface
setName(String const &name) -> GeneralSurface &GeneralSurface