Reaktoro  v2.6.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
AqueousMixture Member List

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anions() const -> const SpeciesList &AqueousMixture
AqueousMixture(const SpeciesList &species)AqueousMixtureexplicit
cations() const -> const SpeciesList &AqueousMixture
charged() const -> const SpeciesList &AqueousMixture
charges() const -> ArrayXdConstRefAqueousMixture
clone() const -> AqueousMixtureAqueousMixture
dissociationMatrix() const -> MatrixXdConstRefAqueousMixture
indexWater() const -> IndexAqueousMixture
indicesAnions() const -> const Indices &AqueousMixture
indicesCations() const -> const Indices &AqueousMixture
indicesCharged() const -> const Indices &AqueousMixture
indicesNeutral() const -> const Indices &AqueousMixture
neutral() const -> const SpeciesList &AqueousMixture
species(Index idx) const -> const Species &AqueousMixture
species() const -> const SpeciesList &AqueousMixture
state(real T, real P, ArrayXrConstRef x) const -> AqueousMixtureStateAqueousMixture
withWaterDensityFn(Fn< real(real, real)> rho) const -> AqueousMixtureAqueousMixture
withWaterDielectricConstantFn(Fn< real(real, real)> epsilon) const -> AqueousMixtureAqueousMixture