Reaktoro  v2.11.0
A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
API Reference

Welcome to Reaktoro's C++ API reference. You can also use this API guide for your Python applications.

Find below a list of important methods and classes in Reaktoro that you might want to read about.

Thermochemical databases

Chemical system constituents

Chemical system definition

Chemical state and thermochemical properties of a chemical system

Chemical equilibrium problem definition and calculations

Chemical kinetics problem definition and calculations

Machine learning accelerated chemical equilibrium calculations

Machine learning accelerated chemical kinetics calculations

Activity models for aqueous phases

Activity models for fluid phases (gaseous or liquid)

Activity models for solid solutions

Standard thermodynamic properties and models

Reaction thermodynamic properties and models

Water thermodynamic and electrostatic properties

Worth checking classes and methods

For all other needs

Check the namespace Reaktoro for all available classes and methods.