Welcome to the documentation of Reaktoro v2 for Python and C++, where we show how Reaktoro can be used for a wide variety of chemical reaction calculations.

This website is still under-construction, but you should already find it useful enough to get started with this new version of Reaktoro!

Looking for Reaktoro v1 website?

If you need to access Reaktoro v1 website, here is the link: https://reaktoro.org/v1

Examples in the tutorials not working?

This website is under active development, and many new features in Reaktoro are being developed in parallel and documented here straight away. If you installed Reaktoro before a new feature was introduced and documented here, your installed reaktoro package will not support that feature. Make sure you update the conda environment containing the reaktoro package, using either Anaconda Navigator or the following conda command:

conda activate rkt
conda update --all

assuming above you named rkt as the conda environment containing reaktoro. For installation instructions using conda, please check these instructions.