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Reaktoro::PhaseThermoModelResult Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The result of the thermodynamic model function that calculates the standard thermodynamic properties of a phase.

#include <PhaseThermoModel.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 PhaseThermoModelResult ()
 Construct a default PhaseThermoModelResult instance.
 PhaseThermoModelResult (unsigned nspecies)
 Construct a PhaseThermoModelResult instance with allocated memory.
auto resize (unsigned nspecies) -> void
 Resize this PhaseThermoModelResult with a given number of species.

Public Attributes

unsigned num_species = 0
 The number of species in the phase.
ThermoVector standard_partial_molar_gibbs_energies
 The standard partial molar Gibbs energies of the species (in units of J/mol).
ThermoVector standard_partial_molar_enthalpies
 The standard partial molar enthalpies of the species (in units of J/mol).
ThermoVector standard_partial_molar_volumes
 The standard partial molar volumes of the species (in units of m3/mol).
ThermoVector standard_partial_molar_heat_capacities_cp
 The standard partial molar isobaric heat capacities of the species (in units of J/(mol*K)).
ThermoVector standard_partial_molar_heat_capacities_cv
 The standard partial molar isochoric heat capacities of the species (in units of J/(mol*K)).

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