A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
Reaktoro::OptimumResult Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A type that describes the result of an optimisation calculation.

#include <OptimumResult.hpp>

Public Member Functions

auto operator+= (const OptimumResult &other) -> OptimumResult &
 Update this OptimumResult instance with another by addition.

Public Attributes

bool succeeded = false
 The flag that indicates if the optimisation calculation converged.
unsigned iterations = 0
 The number of iterations in the optimisation calculation.
unsigned num_objective_evals = 0
 The number of evaluations of the objective function in the optimisation calculation.
double convergence_rate = 0
 The convergence rate of the optimisation calculation near the solution.
double error = 0
 The final residual error of the optimisation calculation.
double time = 0
 The wall time spent for the optimisation calculation (in units of s)
double time_objective_evals = 0
 The wall time spent for all objective evaluations (in units of s)
double time_constraint_evals = 0
 The wall time spent for all contraint evaluations (in units of s)
double time_linear_systems = 0
 The wall time spent for all linear system solutions (in units of s)

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