A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
OptimumParamsKarpov Struct Reference

Public Attributes

double line_search_max_iterations = 3
 The maximum number of iterations for the line search minimization problem.
double line_search_wolfe = 1.0e-4
 The constant for the Wolfe condition of sufficient decrease in the backtracking line search step.
double tau_feasible = 0.99
double tau_descent = 0.9999
double feasibility_tolerance = 1.0e-13
 The tolerance for the feasibility problem.
double negative_dual_tolerance = -1.0e-2
 The tolerance for the negative dual variables z.
double active_to_inactive = 1.0e-6
 The value used to remove a primal variable from an active state (i.e., a variable on the bound) to an inactive state (i.e., a variable in the interior domain).
bool use_kkt_solver = false
 The flag that indicates if KktSolver should be used to solve the linear systems.

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