A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
Reaktoro::NonlinearOptions Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A type that describes the options for the solution of a non-linear problem.

#include <NonlinearSolver.hpp>

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Public Attributes

double tolerance = 1.0e-6
 The tolerance for the residual of the non-linear function.
double tolerancex = 0.0
 The tolerance for the variation in variables x. More...
unsigned max_iterations = 100
 The maximum number of iterations in the solution of the non-linear problem.
double tau = 0.9999
 The boundary to the fraction parameter.
double armijo = 1.0e-4
 The Armijo parameter used in the backtracking line search algorithm.
NonlinearOutput output
 The options for the output of the non-linear problem calculation.

Member Data Documentation

double Reaktoro::NonlinearOptions::tolerancex = 0.0

The tolerance for the variation in variables x.

Set this to a value greater than zero to stop the calculation whenever max(abs(dx)) < tolerancex, where dx is the current step of the unknown variables.

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