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Reaktoro::Hessian Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A type to describe the Hessian of an objective function.

#include <Hessian.hpp>

Public Types

enum  Mode { Dense, Diagonal, Inverse }
 An enumeration of possible modes for an Hessian representation.

Public Attributes

Mode mode = Dense
 The mode of the Hessian. More...
Matrix inverse
 The Hessian matrix represented through its inverse.
Matrix dense
 The Hessian matrix represented as a dense matrix.
Vector diagonal
 The Hessian matrix represented as a diagonal matrix.

Member Data Documentation

Mode Reaktoro::Hessian::mode = Dense

The mode of the Hessian.

It is the responsibility of the user to set the appropriate mode of the Hessian matrix for its subsequent proper usage.

Hessian hessian;
hessian.mode = Hessian::Diagonal;
hessian.diagonal = diag(1/x);

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