A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
Reaktoro::AqueousSpeciesThermoData Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A type for storing the thermodynamic data of an aqueous species.

#include <ThermoData.hpp>

Collaboration diagram for Reaktoro::AqueousSpeciesThermoData:

Public Attributes

Optional< SpeciesThermoInterpolatedPropertiesproperties
 The interpolated thermodynamic properties of an aqueous species.
Optional< ReactionThermoInterpolatedPropertiesreaction
 The interpolated thermodynamic properties of an aqueous species given in terms of reaction.
Optional< AqueousSpeciesThermoParamsHKFhkf
 The thermodynamic parameters of the HKF model for an aqueous species.
Optional< SpeciesThermoParamsPhreeqcphreeqc
 The thermodynamic parameters of the species from a Phreeqc database.

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