A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
Gems Member List

This is the complete list of members for Gems, including all inherited members.

clone() const -> std::shared_ptr< Interface >Gemsvirtual
converged() const -> boolGems
elapsedTime() const -> doubleGems
elementMolarMass(Index ielement) const -> doubleGemsvirtual
elementName(Index ielement) const -> std::stringGemsvirtual
elementStoichiometry(Index ispecies, Index ielement) const -> doubleGemsvirtual
equilibrate(double T, double P, VectorConstRef b) -> voidGems
formulaMatrix() const -> MatrixInterface
Gems(std::string filename)Gems
indexElement(std::string element) const -> IndexInterface
indexFirstSpeciesInPhase(Index iphase) const -> IndexInterface
indexPhase(std::string phase) const -> IndexInterface
indexPhaseWithSpecies(Index ispecies) const -> IndexInterface
indexSpecies(std::string species) const -> IndexInterface
node() const -> std::shared_ptr< TNode >Gems
numElements() const -> unsignedGemsvirtual
numIterations() const -> unsignedGems
numPhases() const -> unsignedGemsvirtual
numSpecies() const -> unsignedGemsvirtual
numSpeciesInPhase(Index iphase) const -> unsignedGemsvirtual
operator ChemicalSystem() constInterface
phaseName(Index iphase) const -> std::stringGemsvirtual
pressure() const -> doubleGemsvirtual
properties(ThermoModelResult &res, double T, double P) -> voidGemsvirtual
properties(ChemicalModelResult &res, double T, double P, VectorConstRef n) -> voidGemsvirtual
set(double T, double P) -> voidGems
set(double T, double P, VectorConstRef n) -> voidGems
setOptions(const GemsOptions &options) -> voidGems
speciesAmounts() const -> VectorGemsvirtual
speciesName(Index ispecies) const -> std::stringGemsvirtual
state(const ChemicalSystem &system) const -> ChemicalStateInterface
system() const -> ChemicalSystemInterface
temperature() const -> doubleGemsvirtual
~Interface()=0Interfacepure virtual