A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
GaseousPhase Member List

This is the complete list of members for GaseousPhase, including all inherited members.

chemicalModel() const -> const PhaseChemicalModel &Phase
elements() const -> const std::vector< Element > &Phase
elements() -> std::vector< Element > &Phase
FluidPhase(const std::string &name, PhaseType type)FluidPhase
FluidPhase(const FluidMixture &mixture, const std::string &name, PhaseType type)FluidPhaseexplicit
GaseousPhase(const GaseousMixture &mixture)GaseousPhaseinlineexplicit
indexSpecies(std::string name) const -> IndexPhase
indexSpeciesAny(const std::vector< std::string > &names) const -> IndexPhase
indexSpeciesAnyWithError(const std::vector< std::string > &names) const -> IndexPhase
indexSpeciesWithError(std::string name) const -> IndexPhase
isFluid() const -> boolPhase
isSolid() const -> boolPhase
mixture() const -> const FluidMixture &FluidPhase
mixture() -> FluidMixture &FluidPhase
name() const -> std::stringPhase
numElements() const -> unsignedPhase
numSpecies() const -> unsignedPhase
Phase(std::string name, PhaseType type)Phase
properties(PhaseThermoModelResult &res, double T, double P) const -> voidPhase
properties(PhaseChemicalModelResult &res, double T, double P, VectorConstRef n) const -> voidPhase
setChemicalModel(const PhaseChemicalModel &model) -> voidPhase
setChemicalModelCubicEOS(CubicEOS::Params params={}) -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelIdeal() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelPengRobinson(CubicEOS::Params params={}) -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelRedlichKwong() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelSoaveRedlichKwong() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelSpycherPruessEnnis() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelSpycherReed() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setChemicalModelVanDerWaals() -> FluidPhase &FluidPhase
setName(std::string name) -> voidPhase
setSpecies(const std::vector< Species > &species) -> voidPhase
setThermoModel(const PhaseThermoModel &model) -> voidPhase
setType(PhaseType type) -> voidPhase
species() const -> const std::vector< Species > &Phase
species() -> std::vector< Species > &Phase
species(Index index) const -> const Species &Phase
thermoModel() const -> const PhaseThermoModel &Phase
type() const -> PhaseTypePhase