A unified framework for modeling chemically reactive systems
ChemicalField Class Reference

Public Types

using Iterator = std::vector< ChemicalState >::iterator
using ConstIterator = std::vector< ChemicalState >::const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 ChemicalField (Index size, const ChemicalSystem &system)
 ChemicalField (Index size, const ChemicalState &state)
auto size () const -> Index
auto begin () const -> ConstIterator
auto begin () -> Iterator
auto end () const -> ConstIterator
auto end () -> Iterator
auto operator[] (Index index) const -> const ChemicalState &
auto operator[] (Index index) -> ChemicalState &
auto set (const ChemicalState &state) -> void
auto temperature (VectorRef values) -> void
auto pressure (VectorRef values) -> void
auto elementAmounts (VectorRef values) -> void
auto output (std::string filename, StringList quantities) -> void

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